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Baby Sophia is born!
Christmas Eve at 2:33pm, Sophia Jean joins the world - the perfect Christmas gift!

Sophia Jean Burkholder (Sophie)

Sophia arrived right on time, on her due date of Christmas Eve. Christine woke up and felt things were a little different; by mid-morning it started to feel like this could be the day! We scurried to pull some last minute items together, Dad began completely stressing out, and along with sister Cara (thank you!) we left for the hospital at 10:45am. Christine received some anti-pain medications, it appeared to be a good time to finalize a name - but when the doctor returned to check status it was time to proceed, names can wait! Sophia, yet to be named, was born at 2:33pm, weighed 8lb 5.6oz and was 19.5" tall. Her health is perfect, she was immediately alert, and we were suddenly in love. It took us another 1/2 hr to choose her name (not sharing our short list, reserved for our next girl).

The Stanko family and the Burkholder grandparents were able to meet Sophia on her first day of life - everybody is excited!

We were the only Christmas Eve delivery and Sophia was showered with attention. The nurses at Bryn Mawr hospital were fantastic and helped ease the scare for first time parents.

Sophia came home on the 26th to a house filled with family and love! She was the best Christmas gift we could imagine!



Photos from Sophia's first days!