· The Dominican Republic covers the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispañola.  Haiti covers the other third. It is the second largest Caribbean country (only Cuba is larger) with over 1000 miles of gorgeous beaches.

· Christopher Columbus first claimed the island for Spain on his first New World voyage in 1492. He wrecked his flagship, the Santa Maria, on its Atlantic shore on Christmas Eve.

· Punta Cana is rated as one of the best & longest Caribbean beaches.  It has over 25 miles of pearl-white sand shaded by swaying coconut palms.

· Baseball is the Dominican Republic’s passion.  San Pedro de Marcoris, on the island’s southeast coast, has produced more major league players per capita than any other town in the world.  Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz and Madonna’s recent conquest, Alex Rodriguez, are all Dominican.

· Merengue, a music & dance form, is a Dominican Republic’s trademark.  The dance has influences blended from Western European ballroom, Cuban rhythms and African roots.  Bachata and Salsa are other Latin rhythms commonly heard and danced throughout the island.

· The native drink of the Dominican Republic is known as mamajuana.  Amongst Dominicans, this tasty drink has gained somewhat of a mythical status. Legend has it was created by the native Taino Indians long ago when the island was known as Quisqueya.  Mamajuana is a concoction of various herbs and roots that is mixed with rum, wine, honey and spices.  It has customarily been used to cure everything from impotency, to a sore throat, to the "la gripe" (the Dominican term for  the stomach flu). Only a handful of families in the Dominican Republic still brew the mixture and keep this tradition alive.

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January  9, 2009

Volume 1, Issue 2

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